Galactic Conflicts Released!

Hello! Finally, after two in a half years of work the book is officially done and released. Anyone who wants to order the book can do so by clicking the link below. Galactic Conflicts: First Contact It’s a very exciting to finally release this. Looking forward to finally working on book 2 :). Not much […]

First Chapter released!

Hello! It’s been awhile since I have updated and I will have a few more updates this month. For now,  you can read the first chapter below!     “Davis, get back to work. Now!” Drake hollered after seeing Davis horsing around. Davis turned around in surprise, “Of course General.” He said sarcastically, his hand […]

Sent Final Edit

Hey everyone! Long time no update. So the big news is that the final edits have been sent to my editor! This should take nowhere near as long as the last one. I sent that last week and have meanwhile been spending my time writing the outline for the next book. I have the first […]

The editing continues!

Hello! So I finally received my book back on 1/14/2017 and have been grinding away. Hoping to have it done by mid February, sending it back to my editor for one last go and having it released by late March. Don’t take these dates as 100%, while it’s my goal I will not be surprised […]

End of the year update

It’s that time of year already and boy was it a great year for me, let alone how fast it went. I should be getting my book back next week, going through the edits and sending it one last time to the editor for grammar mistakes. My original goal was to have this done by […]

11/20/2016 Update

Hello everybody! It has been a while since my last update and I figure it’s time. To start off it looks like the Book has been pushed back to January/February for release, instead of this or next month as I was planning. Some things happened with the editor that has caused this delay and that’s […]

10/6/2016 Update

Hello everybody! This is the first blog post for Galactic Conflicts: First Contact. I have been working on this novel since October 20th, 2014. I am doing one last check before sending this off to an editor. If everything goes as planned it should be ready to release either in November or December. For future […]

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