It’s been awhile!

Hello everyone!

Sorry for the late update. To be honest time has flown faster than I thought and just realized I hadn’t made an update for over 2 months! I have been very busy with various things in my life. I started doing programming which has been very interesting and fun. I have been getting a lot done with writing as well. Between July and September I was getting in only around 500 or so words a day. Starting late September I have been getting 1200-2000 words a day. Not sure what happened but I am getting a lot more done and am loving how it’s going so far. Unfortunately I don’t see myself having a chapter ready enough to release by January. Hopefully by the spring time as I want to make sure I am done editing a chapter before I release one.

Everything is going great otherwise. I am very optimistic that I will hit the deadline to release this book next year. It’s been a good year. Makes it kind of mind blowing that the years almost over, soon it’ll be 2018!

Hope everyone is having a great year and I will try my best to do an update at the end of the month and try to include more information, but we’ll see.

Have a good one everyone and enjoy the holidays!

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