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Hi everyone!

It’s been awhile since my last blog post. There isn’t anything exciting happening, just grinding out the next book. I was re-reading parts as I was working on it and it’s really amazing how much I want to edit the parts I read. I won’t do it until I finish the first draft (just an unwritten rule I have), but it always amazes me how I write it out and think “This looks good.” Then I read it later and go “Wow, I need to remove this word and replace it with x.”

I remember starting my first book and while writing it I was worried I wouldn’t be able to edit because I thought it would look good. I was wrong and did far more editing than I originally thought I would. Reading the completed copy and the first draft is a night and day difference. Lately I have been getting a lot more motivation to get working and it’s been great! Getting far more done per day and hope I can keep it up until I finish the first draft.

My plan still is to get the first draft completed, edit with a passion and try to get a chapter out early next year. This could change and I won’t give any hard deadlines, but I am still aiming for that.

That’s about all the excitement I have, I will try to give a better update next month, but no promises!

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