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Figured I would provide a different type of blog update this time. I don’t have anything new to post regarding the book itself at this time (just writing!). I figured I would talk about one of my favorite types of characters, one which will appear in the next book.

In shows, movies, etc. One of my favorite types of characters are the ones with a physical defect that everyone would think “wow their weak” and it turns out their this total badass. I know some people find these type of characters cliched/boring, but I personally love them. One of my favorite types is a character who is blind, yet is powerful in some way while still having weaknesses. A good example of what I am talking about would be Daredevil or Toph from Avatar. Both are blind, but can do things that others can’t thanks to their blindness. However, they still have their weaknesses. One of the things I have always loved is how aware they are of their surroundings because they can’t see but there are ways to abuse their abilities if the opponents are aware. You see this a little bit in in season 2 of Daredevil and a bit more often in Avatar in both seasons. A well done character with these defects are fun. Of course having a character like this is difficult because if their too strong and don’t struggle, then it’s just boring and doesn’t feel like they have any defects. It’s a challenge, but if done right is really fun to read/watch, at least in my opinion.

It’s a type of character that is going to be introduced in book 2. I always knew I would have a character like this and very early on I realized it wouldn’t be a good fit to put them in the first book. Even before I started I knew this would be one of my favorite ones to write and it has it’s difficulties as it’s much easier to show their abilities physically than describe it. It’s a fun challenge and one I hope readers will enjoy, although I am sure there will be people that don’t.

I’m thinking of doing a few blogs over some characters, giving a little more background and little sneak peaks about how the character will be in the next book. Not really much else to report and hope everyone is enjoying their summer!

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