May Update

Hey everyone,

Nothing too exciting to share, but I noticed I hadn’t updated in awhile. I got super busy studying for a test and that limited the writing I was able to do this month. Luckily I passed the test and am now back to the swing of things, which means I am focused back on writing! I am really liking the look of book 2 with the introduction of some new characters and giving more depth to the Prazore with their motivations and what really caused this type of mentality.

Along with that I can already tell the second book is going to be a lot longer than the first one. To give perspective the first book was 123,049 words and I think this one will easily get above 150,000. We’ll see if things change but this may even get as high as 200,000. I am hoping to get the first draft done by the end of this year, doing edits until March and then sending it to a professional editor and we’ll see how that goes. Currently the timeline of late 2018 is my goal, although if I can get it out faster I will.

On the first book I didn’t really release any chapters until it was nearly done, I intend on changing that for this one, but won’t give any hard timelines or specific dates. My goal is to release a couple of chapters early next year, maybe later this year but no guarantee on that.

Nothing else to really add on here. Hope anyone who’s read the first book has enjoyed it and thanks for reading!

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