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Hello again! As you may have seen the first book was launched on April 17th, 2017. It’s been 11 days and I figured I would make a blog about how it did and my experience so far.

The book has done better then I thought it would do. I was expecting maybe 10 sales at the most, I have more then doubled that. So that was a nice surprise. I would like it to do better, but I have realistic expectations this being my first book and all.

I started advertising and that has helped, but a majority has come from my previous online presence on forums I have been active in for over 10 years. I have some future advertisements I want to put out, but I am waiting a week or two before putting it out. I got some feedback from people who enjoy the genre and said it was good, no actual reviews yet, but I am working on it! Going to list some thoughts on the writing process and what I struggled with and what I found to work best.

1. Formatting is a pain in the ass. I thought I had the book formatted correctly, read through the book and didn’t notice anything odd and then released it. About twelve hours later someone pointed out how there are some double indents. Luckily/unluckily there was one on the first page and a few in the middle and a couple at the end. 99% of the book did not have the issue, but it looks bad when one of the few that was on there was on the first page! After I was told I immediately fixed that and I don’t know how that person noticed it as I would never have noticed it without someone pointing it out. I got that fixed and corrected fast. On the next book I fully intend on paying for formatting. I thought it would be as simple as following directions, but for some reason issues happened when formatting it (like the double dent and some other issues at the end of the book) and I believe I got it all now, but I would rather pay the 50$ and know it gets done correctly the first time.

2. Writing book descriptions is insanely hard. I personally found writing the book description harder then the book! I still am not sure if my book description is that good, but I can’t think of a way to improve it and how it is now, is how it will be forever at this point. The funny thing is that I already know my 2nd book will have a much better description as I have a good one in my head already. I do however think my book cover is good and so far not one person has said it looked crappy, so that was well worth the money and probably the smoothest part of the whole book.

3. One thing that has delayed the release of the physical book is that I hadn’t even thought of the back cover. I had my cover done over a year ago, but the thought of the back cover never crossed my mind. Luckily the same guy who did my cover, did my back cover and got it done within a week. I think it looks good and the physical book should be out in 1-2 weeks. I really regret not thinking of this before and am not sure how I didn’t, but alas it is what it is and at least now it’s done.

4. The thing I disliked most about this process was editing. It’s a necessary evil and no way to ever get out of it, but I think that will be the step I hate the most always as a writer. It took me too long to edit the book and part of that was getting sick of editing and editing, but another is that I didn’t have a good process for editing. When I first edited I tried to do the whole book at once. After feedback I started doing it chapter by chapter, but it took me awhile before I started doing this. I now know to do this in the future and I do think this will speed up the editing process on my next book, again something I could only learn by trial and error.

5. I can now see why an outline is important. In school the teachers would tell you to always write an outline. To this day I don’t see the point for a 3-4 page paper, but for a book or something that is going to be big, I can now see why you should write an outline. I think if I had written an outline I could have had the first draft done in 4-6 months, instead of over a year (I think it took me 1 year 3 months to finish my first draft). In all the books I plan on writing for this series, I know the beginning and ending of the book. I know parts of the middle, but there are parts I don’t have 100% thought out. So writing the beginning/end wasn’t too hard for me, but I would get to parts that I didn’t know what I wanted to put there. It never took me that long to figure it out, but it slowed my process a lot. On days I was trying to think of what the chapter should be about, I would write 300-500 words at most. If I knew what I wanted to write, I was churning out 1500+ words in less then an hour. I already have most of the outline done for book 2 (I’ll be honest, been a little lazy while getting this first book released and advertising setup). I think I can get the first draft of the second book done well before December and have the next book ready to go by next summer/fall. I could be wrong, but I think I am in a good spot to hit those dates (maybe even sooner).

That’s all I have for this post, thanks for reading and will update you guys soon on whatever!

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