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“Davis, get back to work. Now!” Drake hollered after seeing Davis horsing around.

Davis turned around in surprise, “Of course General.” He said sarcastically, his hand going across his head like a salute.

Drake ignored the comment. They all knew being called General bugged him and Davis liked to push him. “Just get it done. Pirates may have sabotaged those AA guns.” He walked off, heading toward the security tower.

Two days ago, a report came in that the anti-air guns were offline. Nobody knew who did it and all camera footage had been erased. Drake had ordered someone to review all of the equipment to make sure there was no further damage. He suspected pirates and that meant they were planning an attack.

Drake walked down some steps, mulling his thoughts. Their planet was located in the outer edge of the known galaxy.  He had volunteered to be in charge of security on the planet Sarus. He used to be a General in the Alliance before he retired. It didn’t take long for retirement to bore him, so he joined the security force. Though it was a very small local militia, all planets in the outer edge required them, as pirates and various criminals liked to pick on these types of planets, due to there being no real military or police force.

The local militia wasn’t meant to hold off coordinated fleets or invasions, but they could get the force field up and defend until the Alliance sent assistance. Most pirate attacks were too much to fend off without assistance.

He walked through the compound, tapped numbers into the keypad and walked inside as the door unlocked. Drake looked around for Thomas, one of their best security experts. It didn’t take long to find which room Thomas was in, as he heard furious typing.

“Thomas, any progress on who erased the footage?”

Thomas didn’t respond as Drake stepped into the room. The screen in front of him was showing a dark image, but he couldn’t tell what it was.

“What is that?”

Thomas turned around, jumping a little. “Sorry, didn’t hear you come in.” He zoomed in on the image he loaded. “This is the individual who destroyed our AA.”

Drake moved in closer. He couldn’t tell what it was. It was a backwards angle and whatever it was, it was too big to be human. That was all he could tell.

“Is this the only footage we have?” Drake asked.

“So far, yes. I am trying to see if I can clear the image and see what or who that is.”

Drake nodded his head. “I see. Well keep lo—“

Drake was cut off as his comlink went off.

“This is Drake.”

“Sir, we need you in the communications tower now.”

The voice sounded stressed. He had never heard this voice before, so it must have been one of the new guys. “On my way, Kal.”

“Copy, seriously rush over here!”

“Have fun with that.” Thomas hollered as Drake bounded out the door.



The moment he opened the door, he was pulled to the side by Kal. “Thanks for hurrying.” Kal said, tapping on his keyboard furiously, zooming in on one of the satellites.

Kal stopped to point out something on the screen. “Look, we just got this image from one of our satellites before it was destroyed.”

“Did you say destroyed?” Drake kept a calm voice, but in his head alarm bells were ringing. Satellites took damage all the time, stray meteorites or the potential pirate attack, but nobody ever destroyed one.

Kal nodded his head, zooming further. “It was able to get two images…” His fingers tapped the keyboard, the images pulled up.

Drake looked, noticing the ship designs. He leaned in closer. “That’s interesting, I have never seen…” He stopped, suddenly noticing the large number of ships behind the one he was scrutinizing. “How far are they, do you think?”

“This image was captured ten minutes ago. They could be here any minute.”

As if to prove Kal correct, the base alarms went off.  Drake rushed to the window, looking up. His eyes widened at the several waves of ships that jumped out of warp space and now floated above the planet.

“What are we going to do!?” Kal let out, his voice shaking.

Drake ignored him, pulling out his comlink. “Kal, get a line out to the Alliance… now!” He shouted orders as fast as he could.

Kal tapped a few keys to get the line open. It took about ten seconds. “Ok, send out the message.”

Drake wasted no time. “Alliance Personnel, this—”

A technician interrupted him. “Sir, it appears we’ve been jammed.”

“Impossible…even state of the art jamming devices take a couple minutes,” Drake said, hiding his surprise.

Drake looked up, examining the ships. They were of a design he had never seen before. They had a sleekness to them, about the size of a star fighter. He couldn’t see anything that looked like weapons on their smooth, silvery skins. He had a bad feeling this wasn’t just some pirate attack. He dialed the comlink so that his voice could be heard across every base, on a frequency only to be used in emergencies.

“This is Drake, all personal prepare for battle. This is a code red, we have unknown invaders. I repeat this is a code red, everyone get to your stations.”

In his few years on Sarus, he had never had to issue a code red. The command solely existed for planetary invasions. Judging by what he was seeing, this unknown fleet was set on doing just that.

“What’s the status on the force field?” Drake asked Kal.

“We’re deploying it as fast as we can, in thirty seconds.” One of the people near the radar responded.

Due to being an outer edge planet, the shields were very old and couldn’t run all the time due to power constraints. Outer edge planets had trouble making money as it was and getting the money to upgrade to a newer shield was too expensive.

“Who are they, do you think?” A technician asked.

“Probably pirates. It has been awhile since they tried to hit us. How long until the force field is activated?” The one next to him said.

“I don’t think this is a pirate attack,” Drake cut in. “Too many ships.  And these are designs I have never seen before.”

He took a look at the cameras, making sure that people were running to their positions. So far, none of these attacks had breached the shield and done any harm. Not since he had arrived, anyway.

“Anybody see anything up there?” Drake asked.

“Not yet,” Kal replied.

Everyone was silent for the next few minutes. This was always the tensest part, waiting for the attack to come.

“Shield is live. That should buy us time, and protect against orbital bombardments.”

“Sir, you are going to want to see this.” Kal said, with his eyes wide.

Drake walked over, immediately seeing the problem. Pouring from the skies were what looked like transport ships.

Kal glanced around nervously.  “What the fuck are we going to do? We won’t last—”

“We’ll survive. Losing your cool won’t help the situation.” Drake cut him off. This was not the time to panic. But, unfortunately, Kal was right.  There wasn’t much they could do against an invasion force of this size.

“Evacuate all civilians into the forest. It’s our job to give them as much time as we can for them to get to the shelter.”

The shelter was an underground bunker, most planets in the outer edge had one for just such an occasion. It would normally allow evacuees to remain hidden and safe until the Alliance arrived. Unfortunately, they weren’t able to get any communication out to the Alliance.  It could take weeks before Alliance vessels even show up to investigate. But it was still their only choice.

“Get a communication up with all officers,” Drake ordered, walking over to a table with the installation map on it.

“On it. It should only take a moment to get them all online.”

Drake nodded his head. The screens activated with the faces of other officers as they popped in.

“General, we are situated. Have the attackers made any demands?”

Drake would normally point out that he wasn’t a general anymore, but the situation was too serious to waste time on it. “No, and they aren’t answering when we try to send out a communication. We don’t know what they are up to, but I am preparing for the worst.”

One of the officers spoke up.  “Currently we detect an enemy force enroute to the main command center, where you are located. In my sector, one craft has landed at the edge of the force field, but no other movements as of yet.”

Before anyone could say another word, the power died.

“Sir, we’ve lost power in this section of the building.”

Drake wanted to punch the wall. “Dammit. All right, time to get in position and colocate with the rest of the troops. Everyone, follow me.”


Drake and his crew had just joined the troops in their bunker when the force field went down. No warning, and it was gone. It didn’t make sense. Even if the attackers had destroyed the power source, the force field would remain unaffected. It was designed to have to be destroyed from the inside. Unless…

“All stations, report. Any strange readings from the force field?” Drake hollered in his comlink.

Davis spoke up. “Yes, General. A few seconds ago, we noticed that the generator was being overloaded.  There was something strange in the regeneration circuit, but we didn’t react fast enough to isolate it before it blew.”

Drake stood there in shock, contemplating the swiftness of the events that had happened. This was no accident.  Their defenses have been defeated too quickly.  This was planned. Whoever they are have been planning this for a long time. I would stake my life on it.

Through the low windows of the bunker, he could see three enemy transports landing in front of the base. The doors opened, and out came a creature from a species Drake had never seen before. It was big, standing taller than the average human. It had dark grey skin, with a thin layer of armor on its chest, legs and arms. In its hands, it wielded a long metal pole or staff.

Looking around, Drake could see the fear and nervousness on everyone’s face. It reminded him of his first battle. Most were taking it well. There were a couple who were visibly trembling. He was scared too of course, but having been in many situations that required combat, he knew how to deal with it.

“All right guys we need to stop them from getting past this compound. We need to keep them back as long as we can.” Drake commanded, knowing no matter what he said they wouldn’t last long. The only surprising aspect was that only three transports worth of troops came out and started moving toward them. The others went in different directions. He couldn’t understand their tactics, as they could easily hold off twenty of them. The aliens started charging right toward them.

Drake took aim with his rifle. If the aliens were going to charge stupidly like this, then the base defenses may be able to hold out a lot longer than he thought.

“Men, as soon as they get in range, open fire. Do not stop until every last one of them is dead.” Drake yelled.

They were almost in range, five seconds… four… three… two… one…

The sound of gunfire erupted. Through his scope, he fired a shot directly into one of the chests of a charging alien. He was about to point to his next target when he realized that his initial shot didn’t even so much as knock the alien back. The warrior charged at the same pace, as if the round hadn’t touched him.

In the next split second, he let loose another round of bullets. Now he knew why they sent so few.  Their bullets wouldn’t penetrate the alien armor. The other troops were starting to block the bullets and take them head on, none of them even flinched.

Drake turned his head to see a nearby soldier drop his gun, screaming about how hopeless the situation was.

There was so much shock going around the room that there was no way to get order. The closer the aliens got, the more panic spread around the bunker.

“Focus on the weak spots. Keep firing!” He hollered, maintaining position.

He took careful aim. Even if he could hit the throat or the head, there was no way he was going to be able to drop more than one or two, and that’s if he hit the intended target.

The enemy was moving so fast, they were almost a blur. He gulped as the unknown warriors got closer and closer. His men were going to die, and there wasn’t a damn thing he could do about it.

While Drake was one of the best shots out of everyone in the base, it would still be hard to hit a moving target in their neck or head. He slowed his breathing down, his finger hovering over the trigger. He pulled the trigger two times. The first bullet hit the helmet. The second hit just below the throat. By the time he was about to aim at a second alien, they had entered the compound.

The moment they entered the compound, Drake knew this was not a known species in this side of the galaxy. The alien’s staff transformed into a blunt weapon right before his eyes.

“Look—” Drake tried to yell before two of his soldiers were hit directly in the chest. The aliens weren’t going for kills.  The aliens were going for prisoners.

The first alien to come around the corner charged him. Drake held down the trigger.  The bullets were bouncing off the armor. Eventually a few shots pierced through, just not enough to kill the warrior. The alien was in front of where he stood in the blink of an eye. Drake went for his knife while dodging the alien’s staff, but he was too late. Drake felt his right arm shatter as the alien smashed his arm with the staff. The knife fell from his hand. Dizziness took him and he collapsed to the floor in pain.

The alien raised his weapon. Drake couldn’t believe what was happening. In all his combat missions, he had never felt so hopeless. He held his breath, watching the staff start downwards. Before the staff was halfway down, the alien’s head was cut clean from his shoulders, and blood splattered over Drake.

That was when he noticed a female attacking the other two aliens in his corner of the room, moving with incredible speed. She blocked every attack, unleashing something from her hands that sent one of the two flying into a wall. Her sword cut cleanly through the next alien, by taking him out with a slash to the throat.

What is a member of the Academy doing out here? He thought to himself. She turned around, shouting something.

Then something hard hit him in the head.

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