Sent Final Edit

Hey everyone! Long time no update.

So the big news is that the final edits have been sent to my editor! This should take nowhere near as long as the last one. I sent that last week and have meanwhile been spending my time writing the outline for the next book. I have the first thirteen chapters set and I can tell the next book will be longer than this one already.

Once I get the edits back I intend on releasing the first chapter on this website, so stay tuned for that. Otherwise I am estimating I should have the book good to go within the next 4 weeks. I don’t intend on doing hardcore advertising until I can verify the hard copies print correctly.

After the book officially releases I will be stepping up the marketing. I Won’t start the next book for a couple weeks after release, but I should for sure have the outline done by release, so a little break will be kind of nice.

Nothing else to really talk about. Thanks anyone who’s been reading and the next update will probably just be the first chapter of my book.

Until next time!

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